Aura-Soma Practitioner Renewal

Aura-Soma Practitioner Renewal

Purchasing this Online Practitioner Renewal will include one years Practitioner Membership. This is open to all expired Practitioners and those who have completed up to Level 3 previously and never registered. A new account ID will need to be created here on Aura-Soma-Academy.TV to access your purchase.

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Aura-Soma Practitioner Renewal
  • Practitioner Renewal

    Mike shares insight on key themes including the importance of being the positive, trauma response, how to access the star within ourselves, preparing the space for the consultation, bottle selection, repeat consultations, numerology and how as a community of Practitioners we might come together a...

  • Practitioner Q&A

    During this Question and Answer session Mike responds to some of the most frequently asked questions asked by Practitioners. Topics such as the importance of the Blue Globe, the Gold and the Incantational Star are explored.

  • An Introduction to Shire Farm

    Our ‘soil to soul’ philosophy influences everything we do and why we do it. This intention is expressed on Shire Farm and is where we lovingly cultivate many of the ingredients for our products, Shire Farm is farmed biodynamically to Demeter‑certified standards, a far more comprehensive standard ...

  • Interview with Joe

    Joe shares his story and discuses with Mike some of the principles of Biodynamic Farming and why they form such an important part of the way we do what we do

  • Interview with Malcolm

    As an integral part of the team since the early days of Aura-Soma Malcolm offers an opportunity to learn more of the story of Shire Farm and how it has become part of the story of Aura-Soma

  • A Vision for the Future

    An exploration of the 'I am' and how the farm is an expression of our reciprocal relationship with the being of the Earth.

  • An example consultation

    Includes preparing the space, bottle selection and how the client can be guided through an intuition-led self-selection process that will determine how the Equilibrium bottles can assist the client at their deepest level.

  • The Importance of Coral

    An exploration of Coral as a possibility to bring more of ourselves into the present as it supports the opportunity to respond not from the thinking, not from the feeling but from the being aspect of ourselves. Also within this extract Mike considers the Nature Series and its relevance for the ti...