The 21 Keys of Aura-Soma

The 21 Keys of Aura-Soma

A significant opportunity to integrate our colour awareness and consciousness, to be able to come to a deeper multi-dimensional aspect of the holistic being that we are.
Presented by Mike Booth in 22 recordings that are an hour long.

The 21 Keys of Aura-Soma
  • The 21 Keys - Welcome

  • 21 Keys Live - Introduction

  • 21 Keys Live - 4th April 2021

  • Key 0-22

    As we prepare to integrate the 21 keys 0 is the starting point, a point of narcosis in life where we are in preparation in relation to consciousness growth, we are not knowing.

    22 is where the ordinary man begins the process of rebirth and understanding what we have and being able to grow in con...

  • 21 Keys Live - 18th April 2021

  • Key 1-79

    This key is the opportunity to be a co creator with the Creator, an opportunity to work with the forces of nature, and to be able to bring into Manifestation the deeper levels of what we want in the world.

    It is a key to help us to develop insight.

  • Key 2-80

    Through tranquillity this key brings us to something dynamic, where through peace the awakening possibility might come about.

  • 21 Keys Live - 10th October 2021

  • Key 3-81

    We're moving from the paradigm, ‘Time is money’ to ‘time is art’. Its about the next step for humanity which is to go beyond the first three energy centres, the first chakra, the second chakra, the third chakra and come to the heart as that's where the paradigm shift can begin to come about.

  • 21 Keys Live - 16th May 2021

  • Key 4-82

    Don’t be afraid of the possibility of jealously or insecurity that might come about, really trust the star, trust the opportunity of finding the space for ourselves to be able to reach the deep insights. If we manage to let go and to trust the space in which we find ourselves we will get closer t...

  • Key 5-83

    During this key we will be working with our feeling being, that creative communication from the heart and our ability to express that wisdom that lies within.

  • Key 6-84

    This key helps us to accept ourselves in a conscious way, to find the compassion for the different aspects of our being where we might feel that we’re not good enough, that we’re not able to do what it is that we’d like to do in the way that we’d like to do it.

    This key opens the door to that ac...

  • 21 Keys Live - 7th November 2021

  • Key 7-85

    Part of the story of this Key 7 is to enable our faith and trust to grow into the best that we can be.

  • Key 8-86

    Key 8 offers the possibility that we might enter into the journey of the Soul. This Key reminds us that we can’t find the lightness of heart, we can’t find joy in what we do or the love in what we do, unless we first find the tranquillity within ourselves.

  • 21 Keys Live - 13th June 2021

  • Key 9-87

    Key 9 is a journey of meditation and initiation where we open the door to a new reality, a new world.

  • Key 10-88

    Understand the seeds of the past that come up into the present and we might communicate the truth of ourselves. The 10 key opens the possibility to see things from the point of view of another.

  • Key 11-89

    The 11 Key offers the potential for awakening as we allow what inhibits us and rejoice in the energy centres within ourselves.

  • 21 Keys Live - 12th December 2021

  • Key 12-90

    The 12 key is an axial point where we might begin to feel turned 'upside down' and through the rescuing of the gold, any difficulty of the clear blue is returned to balance. The practice of peace is supported to bring about the alchemy within the self and in a conscious way the wisdom within ours...

  • 21 Keys Live - 11th July 2021

  • Key 13-91

    In Key 13 we find the seventh level of letting go and how through dying to what has been we come to the light of the heart.

  • Key 14-92

    During Key 14 our focus is on finding our inner balance. As we remind ourselves to remain more centred, as we learn to trust our star, the more that possibility can come about.

  • 21 Keys Live - 2nd January 2022

  • Key 15-93

    In Key 15 we are presented with the shadow of ourselves, something that we find difficult to see, that which is not the best of ourselves. When the bits of ourselves that are unloved are accepted then the process of individuation unfolds more deeply.

  • Key 16-94

    Key 16 unlocks the deeper aspect of our being where we experience transformation from the egoic to the more individuated and mindful. If we can let go to the little will within ourselves we can forge the way to the higher will.

  • 21 Keys Live - 8th August 2021

  • Key 17-95

    This week let's focus on self care, to find the love for ourselves moment to moment. As we access the feeling side of our being we are presented with an opportunity to be the star we are.

  • Key 18-96

    Key 18 brings us a possibility for transition where, through a process of 'letting go' something new can emerge. This week we are given an opportunity for more consciousness, more awareness to come about.

  • 21 Keys Live - 30th January 2022

  • Key 19-97

    Using Key 19 as we connect with our true purpose we are supported towards an awakening. By pulling together the parts of ourselves we can make conscious the wisdom within us.

  • Key 20-98

    Key 20 connects us with our Inner child and how it needs our love and nurturing. Compassion and kindness to the child within can really support our journey and transitioning.

  • Key 21-99

    In Key 21 we experience a sense of renewal and with it an opportunity for a new beginning. As we are reminded of what we need to let go of we feel deep hope and optimism for this new awakening.

  • 21 Keys Live - 12th September 2021

  • 21 Keys Live - 20th February 2022

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