The Nature Series

The Nature Series

From the introduction of Equilibrium 116 known as 'Queen Mab' through to the latest bottle in the range B122 'Poseidon' - during these videos Mike speaks about each bottle within the Nature Series in detail. Within this sequence we are reminded that the spirit in nature is something to be revered, something to be acknowledged and in our time the necessity for it to be resurrected.

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The Nature Series
  • Nature Series | B116 - Queen Mab

    B116 is about trusting our intuition as we look within and love the different aspects of ourselves. Opening up possibilities and a deep harmony within ourselves, with others and the environment around us. These vibrant and powerful colours allow us to enter the consciousness of humanity through o...

  • Nature Series | B117 - Pan

    Turquoise is always the creative force as its principal aspect as well as an expression of the journey; when it is linked with the Red that that creative force really comes to Earth. In Pan we may manifest a creativity, that we may come to understand our thoughts and feelings, our Being and how t...

  • Nature Series | B118 - Echo

    The arrival of B118 'Echo' is an important reminder to take time to focus on our inner realm. It’s time to listen to your inner guidance. Lets love ourselves and let go of fear.⠀

  • Nature Series | B119 - Ceres

    Beginning its journey into the world, the release of Equilibrium B119 Ceres opens the interdimensional doorways of deep joy and insight. ⁠

  • Nature Series | B120 - Persephone

  • Nature Series | B121 - Pluton

    As we continue to grow the Orange energy introduced by Persephone, we are gracefully brought to a new sense of direction through the arrival of Pluton – encouraging us towards joy

  • Nature Series | B122 - Poseidon

    Poseidon gives us the opportunity to really care for ourselves, to love ourselves as completely as is possible, giving us the opportunity and the ability to let go of that which no longer serves us, the outdated and unacceptable ways of relating, that it is that it's time to move on and to establ...