• Aura-Soma Academy Subscription Service

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    For a monthly subscription of just £15 you will receive access to the entire archive of Global Meditations that the Academy been holding since 2020. During this sequence of over 50 meditations that are always based on the ‘Peace to All Beings’ Mike provides invaluable insights not only into the p...

  • 40 Years of Aura-Soma

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    In 2023 celebrated 40 years of Aura-Soma. What Vicky Wall birthed in 1983 she received through many lifetimes as her gift for the new Aeon to support the’ I am’ within ourselves. On August 20th on Shire Farm we came together for a day of celebration and gratitude.

  • The Gates of Aura-Soma

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    A sequel to the 21 Keys both on the outward and the return journey ‘The Gates’ are the places at which we have the opportunity to understand more fully what it is that The 21 Keys open within ourselves. ‘The Gates’ are really what neural pathways of ‘The 21 Keys’ have led to us to in terms of the...

  • Aura-Soma Practitioner Renewal

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    Purchasing this Online Practitioner Renewal will include one years Practitioner Membership. This is open to all expired Practitioners and those who have completed up to Level 3 previously and never registered. A new account ID will need to be created here on Aura-Soma-Academy.TV to access your pu...

  • The 21 Keys of Aura-Soma

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    A significant opportunity to integrate our colour awareness and consciousness, to be able to come to a deeper multi-dimensional aspect of the holistic being that we are.
    Presented by Mike Booth in 22 recordings that are an hour long.

  • The Nature Series

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    From the introduction of Equilibrium 116 known as 'Queen Mab' through to the latest bottle in the range B122 'Poseidon' - during these videos Mike speaks about each bottle within the Nature Series in detail. Within this sequence we are reminded that the spirit in nature is something to be revere...

  • The Three Stars

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    An exploration of the three aspects of our being from a colour and number perspective. The Three Stars are an interdimensional understanding; colour brings us one set of understanding and number brings us another set of understanding. The three stars speak to the different aspects of our being. T...

  • Aura-Soma Pomander Series

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    An unmatched resource designed to enhance the use and understanding of the Aura-Soma Pomanders. Presented by Mike Booth a comprehensive overview of all 18 Pomanders in the range